Colleen Palmer
$5.00 - $15.00

Crow and the Vengeful Light - Graphic Novel

Crow returns in a follow up story!

Crow saved us with an Eternal Night, but stopping the moon from shining comes with vengeful consequences. Crow must now remember her past to face the present and make the hardest choice of her life.

Vengeful Light is a sequel/companion book to Eternal Night as there are some recurring characters and references. Although it is meant to stand on its own with a brand new story, the full Crow experience may be more enjoyable if you have read Eternal Night first.

Book Specs:
8.5"x11" Book
Color Interior pages

Physical copy - A physical copy of Crow and the Vengeful Light to add to your personal book shelf.

Digital copy - A pdf digital edition of Crow and the Vengeful Light. This will be emailed to you for download after you make your purchase.


Content Notes: Crow and the Vengeful Light is solid dark fantasy with skeletons, gods and monsters, but no over-the-top gore/violence or nsfw content.

Trigger warnings: Violence, Zombies, Ornithophobia


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